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Millionaire Treasure Hunter Aaron LaPedis Finds His Gems at Garage Sales and Auctions

Aaron LaPedis is one of the world's great treasure hunters.  His "Collect This!" television program on PBS, which aired for seven years, reached 1.5 million viewers each month.

On this week's edition of Monday Morning Radio, Aaron reveals key strategies for discovering hidden treasures at garage sales and auctions.  He should know, he became a millionaire following his own advice - thus the title of his award-winning book, "The Garage Sale Millionaire."

Aaron also explains to hosts Dean Rotbart and David Biondo how to clear the clutter from your business, office or home by conducting your own money-generating garage sale. Aaron's business philosophy is simple: buy very low, sell very high. 

Rotbart and Biondo co-host Business Unconventional, a one-hour radio news magazine that is broadcast each Sunday on 710 KNUS AM in Denver.

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Monday Morning Radio - Run Time:  29 min 24 secs
Photo:  Aaron LaPedis 

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