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1 Hour (Or Pretty Darn Close) Inside the Mind of Rieva Lesonsky - Small Business Legend

This week on Monday Morning Radio, an exclusive, extended interview with Rieva Lesonsky, a pioneering journalist who spent almost 25 years as the editorial director at Entrepreneur magazine.  When Rieva began, in the early 1980s, few news organizations paid any attention to small business owners.  And most business reporters didn't even know the meaning of the word "entrepreneur."

Rieva has helped many thousands of people start and grow their own businesses.  Now, as the head of her own company, GrowBiz Media, Rieva continues to write about small businesses and is a much-in-demand public speaker and consultant.

This week's audio was recorded simultaneously with the taping of Business Unconventional, the weekly one-hour radio newsmagazine that is broadcast each week on 710 KNUS AM and around the world at  

B. Unconventional is hosted by Wizard Academy faculty member and graduate Dean Rotbart and by David Biondo, a veteran financial planner and successful entrepreneur.  Also joining the conversation in the second half of this week's audio is Jeff Wilson a small business expert with ActionCoach - Team Empowerment.  Wilson is a regular contributor to B. Unconventional

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Monday Morning Radio - Run Time:  50 min  28 sec
Photo: Rieva Lesonsky

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