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'Creative' Accounting Transforms Boring Bookkeeping into Profitable Business Intelligence

Wizard Academy helps business owners and entrepreneurs discover the science in every art.  In its unconventional classes, which draw creative men and women from around the world, the goal is to demonstrate step-by-step how to do consciously what gifted people do instinctively.

In the generally unglamorous world of bookkeeping and accounting, Jeff and Jake Wilson are two such gifted visionaries.  The Wilsons, a father-son duo, look at the same tedious numbers that other bookkeepers and accountants crunch, only the Wilsons spot opportunities for profits and positive change that typically go undetected.

The Wilsons, cofounders of, are this week’s guests on Monday Morning Radio, produced in cooperation with 710 KNUS AM’s Business Unconventional, the weekly radio newsmagazine airing each Sunday at 8:00 a.m. in Denver and is streamed simultaneously around the world at

While Jeff, a Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, is a nationally recognized business coach, son Jake comes to the task as someone trained in an entirely unrelated field – architectural design. 

Building a successful business is similar to building a great structure, Jake explains.  “If you don’t know where the beams are, if you don’t know what the foundation is made of, and if it’s not constructed properly, it will not be able to hold up and perform.”

The Wilsons are interviewed by Wizard Academy faculty member and graduate Dean Rotbart.  Rotbart, along with David Biondo, serve as cohosts of Business Unconventional.  Jeff Wilson is a regular contributor to the broadcast radio program.

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Monday Morning Radio - Run Time:  24 min 16 sec

Photo: Jake (l) and Jeff Wilson (r), LoomView CoFounders

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