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The Master of 'Media Bypass' Is Back With Cranberry Newswire

David McInnis, Wizard Academy faculty member and benefactor, revolutionized the news release industry when he founded PRWeb.  Now, McInnis is back with another forward-thinking company - Cranberry Newswire - that takes the concept of 'Media Bypass' to the next level.  

Media Bypass allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to navigate around news media gatekeepers - distributing their carefully crafted stories directly to existing and potential customers.  Unlike conventional news releases, the stories appearing on Cranberry Newswire have been professionally researched, reported and written by veteran journalists.  

That means customers and other readers will actually want to read about the companies, services and organizations featured on Cranberry Newswire.

McInnis's partner in Cranberry Newswire is veteran, Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Dean Rotbart, a fellow Wizard Academy faculty member.   

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Monday Morning Radio - Run Time:  30 min  47 sec
Photo: David McInnis, Co-Founder, Cranberry Newswire

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