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Four-time Olympic athlete Ruben Gonzalez likes to recite the Proverb “Iron sharpens iron,” in explaining the philosophy of his new Facebook group, the Goal Achievers Club.

Launched earlier this month, the group not only relies on Ruben himself for success and leadership tips, it draws on its growing roster of accomplished owners and entrepreneurs to share the wisdom of their experiences.

Host Dean Rotbart first interviewed Ruben — a much-in-demand corporate speaker and author — four years ago, when the two discussed how he overcame a lack of athletic talent to become the first Olympian ever to compete in four Olympic games in four different decades.

This go-around, Ruben shares the formula he’s using to attract and grow a quality membership to his Goal Achievers Club and why other ambitious entrepreneurs might want to sign up (it’s free, of course).

[Note: Listeners can register as a member of Ruben’s Goal Achievers Club and get a free copy of his popular e-book at]

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Posted: November 16, 2020
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