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Gourmet Grassfed: Can A Mission-Driven, Ethically Minded Business Actually Prosper?

Ben Kramlich has a beef with the way most meat snack-food products are produced in this country.  So the Oshkosh, Wisconsin-based entrepreneur is traveling a different path, producing his Gourmet Grassfed nutritious snacks in an ecologically and economically responsible fashion:  relying on local farms that raise their animals strictly on grass.  No antibiotics.  No hormones. No artificial nitrates, and 100% ethically and sustainably produced.  Oh yes, Ben's legion of growing fans nationwide also report that his Gourmet Grassfed snacks are great tasting.

Can a mission-driven, ethically minded business prosper in today's cutthroat corporate snack world?  Hear what Ben Kramlich has to say on this week's Monday Morning Radio.

Ben is interviewed by Wizard Academy faculty member Dean Rotbart and wealth management expert David Biondo.  Dean and David are co-hosts of the weekly Business Unconventional radio news magazine broadcast on 710 KNUS AM in Denver.

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Monday Morning Run Time:  16 Mins  52 Secs
Photo: Ben Kramlich, Gourmet Grassfed 

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