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How The Journey Institute Fosters Ordinary People Who Do Extraordinary Things for Their Businesses and Communities

The ancient Greek, Diogenes of Sinope, went in search of an honest man.  Dafna Michaelson of Cincinnati went in search of problem solvers and idea generators.  She had better luck.

In fact, Dafna, founder and president of The Journey Institute, traveled to all 50 states and Washington DC to hunt down people doing extraordinary things on behalf of their businesses and communities.  

Dafna detests whiners.  Her philosophy is straightforward:  If you want to complain about some aspect of your business or community, then you have to be willing to do something about it. And if you can't do it yourself, find those who can and cheerlead for them.

This week on Monday Morning Radio, Dean Rotbart and his guest co-host, son Maxwell, interview Dafna and hear how she's mobilizing people to solve their own problems.

Dean and Maxwell share the hosting responsibilities each Sunday on Radio Chavura, a 30-minute broadcast radio program that focuses on the Jewish Community of greater-Denver.  The program airs at 6:30 pm on 990 KRKS AM in Denver.

Dean, a member of the Wizard Academy faculty, is also the weekly co-host of Business Unconventional, a one-hour weekly broadcast that airs on 710 KNUS AM in Denver. David Biondo, a wealth management expert and authorized Bank on Yourself advisor, is the regular host of B. Unconventional.

When he’s not on the radio, Maxwell teaches 12th grade psychology and 9th grade geography at Grandview High School in Aurora, Colorado.

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Monday Morning Radio Run Time: 27 mins 15 secs
Photo: Dafna Michaelson, The Journal Institute

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