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Lauren E. Miller: 99 Things Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Should Know Before You Stress Out

Lauren E. Miller is a nationally recognized expert on anxiety relief and stress reduction; an author; motivational speaker; and one-to-one coach (four, six and eight-week programs).  A majority of her clients are business owners and entrepreneurs.

Miller is interviewed by Academy faculty member and graduate Dean Rotbart and by David Biondo, a veteran financial planner and successful entrepreneur. Rotbart and Biondo produce Monday Morning Radio and serve as co-hosts in cooperation with Business Unconventional on 710 KNUS AM in Denver.

This week's audio explores ways that listeners can navigate their way back to inner peace. Lauren’s core advice is to “remain the gatekeeper of your thoughts.” Along with noted author and speaker Les Brown, Lauren is a cofounder of Stress Solutions University.

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Monday Morning Radio - Run Time:  15 min  02 sec
Photo: Lauren E. Miller

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