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Michael Milken Says the 21st Century Favors East Asia and Latin America – So Get Prepared

Renowned financier, philanthropist, and medical innovator Michael R. Milken is the featured guest on this week’s special edition of Monday Morning Radio.  

Milken spoke earlier this month in Colorado before a distinguished audience of business and political leaders, outlining for them his thoughts on the rapid and significant changes that legal immigration have brought to America and how the “changing face” of our nation will have enormous impact on business and government policy in the very near future.

Milken notes that worldwide population growth and education patterns make it clear that China, India, and Latin America will be among the key global economic powers for the rest of this century.  If America is to remain competitive, it must invest far more in educating our young people and re-opening our boarders to legal immigrants.

Wizard Academy faculty member Dean Rotbart attended Milken’s speech and had the opportunity to meet privately with the billionaire for 40 minutes following his remarks. 

What Milken has to say – about the forces that are changing the world as we know it – is priceless business intelligence.  

As Rotbart notes at the opening of this week’s audio, portions of Milken’s remarks are difficult to hear.  Rotbart recommends using earphones to capture the clearest possible audio.

Those Monday Morning Radio listeners interested in hearing more of Milken’s insights and influences can also visit - a weekly broadcast radio program aimed at the Jewish community – where Rotbart and his son, Maxwell, in an exclusive interview, discuss with Milken how his Jewish roots have influenced his business and philanthropic thinking.

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Photo: Michael Milken and Maxwell Rotbart

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