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Remaking the Global Wine Industry, One Keg at a Time

Wine dispensed from stainless steel kegs has begun to flow from some of the nation's top vineyards and restaurants.  At the forefront of this liquid revolution are Napa-based Free Flow Wines and its CEO and co-founder, Jordan Kivelstadt.  

Free Flow Wines is defying convention in asking fine restaurants and other venues to shift from bottles to kegs. It's a business challenge worthy of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. This week on Monday Morning Radio, Kivelstadt uncorks his secret plan to bring technological and environmental innovation to the age-old wine industry.

p.s. Just a few short weeks ago, the Wizard Academy's resident oenophile, our very own Roy H. Williams, sipped his very first glass of wine on tap. Sacrilege? Apostasy? Depravity? 

No, in Roy's own words, "I liked it."

Photo: Jordan Kivelstadt, Free Flow Wines
Posted: May 11, 2015
Monday Morning Run Time: 37 minutes 20 seconds

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