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Trust Us, the IRS Doesn’t Want You to Listen This Week!

After 33 years as an IRS tax collector, Richard M. Schickel and two of his former IRS colleagues have written a tell-all book intended to help small business owners and others defend themselves from the harsh tactics of the IRS.

What to Do When the IRS is After You is not a book the IRS wants you to read or to own. Why? Because it is brutally honest about the vindictive nature of the IRS, and what you can – and can’t – get away with once the IRS is on your case.

Join host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart this week on Monday Morning Radio as he and Richard Schickel, head of RMS Consulting in Tuscon, undertake their own no-holds-barred audit of the IRS.

Photo: RIchard M. Schickel, Author
Posted: June 13, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 40 minutes 06 seconds

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