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The Compelling Case for Embracing a Peer-Advisory Board: Featuring Jason P. Zickerman, President & CEO, The Alternative Board

Gaining wisdom and practical solutions from one another is the premise that drives The Alternative Board, a global organization that brings together business owners in small peer-advisory groups that meet monthly to help one another.

Founded in 1990, more than 13,000 business owners from Iowa to Ireland have joined "The Board." 

This week on Monday Morning Radio, Jason P. Zickerman, president and CEO of TAB (the business group - not the diet soda), talks about the wisdom of asking business owners, who initially are strangers to one another, to form a functioning, mutual advisory board. 

In Jason's view the equation is quite simple:  If you're the smartest person in your own company, you better look to outsiders if you want your business to demonstrate breakout profitability, productivity and - importantly - to provide you greater personal fulfillment.

Jason is interviewed by Wizard Academy faculty member Dean Rotbart and wealth management expert David Biondo.  Dean and David are co-hosts of the weekly Business Unconventional radio news magazine broadcast on 710 KNUS AM in Denver.

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Monday Morning Radio Run Time: 41 mins  07 secs
Photo: Jason P. Zickerman, The Alternative Board