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Wayin Delivers Crucial Market Intelligence Every Second, Every Minute, Every Day

Real-time market intelligence, gathered 24/7/365, is so quaint.  Whether online, at a live event, or in retail stores, the new equation is 60/60/24 – every second, every minute, every day.

No one does this better or understands its vast, vast power better than Elaine Feeney, president and CEO at Wayin, a small company – (backed by Scott McNeally – the former Sun Microsystems co-founder and CEO) – that is already generating giant ripples. 

Listen in this week on Monday Morning Radio, as Elaine Feeney gives host Dean Rotbart a private tour of the cutting edge of social marketing.

Discover why you MUST have your own Wikipedia profile and how to generate one. Read Dean Rotbart's groundbreaking series here.

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