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The Zig Zag Principle: Rich Christiansen Has Started 33 Businesses - And Learned From Each One of Them

Rich Christiansenauthor of The Zig Zag Principle and Bootstrap Business, writes from experience - lots and lots of experience.  Over the course of his serial entrepreneurial career, Rich has started 33 businesses on a shoestring budget.  Some have been amazing successes - 11 generated multi-million dollar revenues.  Others, he's cut loose and chalked up the failure to experience.  Indeed, part of what Rich teaches entrepreneurs is "how to fail efficiently."

Christiansen, who has taught courses at the Wizard Academy, is interviewed by Academy faculty member and graduate Dean Rotbart and by David Biondo, a veteran financial planner and successful entrepreneur.  Rotbart and Biondo produce Monday Morning Radio and serve as co-hosts in cooperation with Business Unconventional on 710 KNUS AM in Denver.

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Photo: Rich Christiansen, The Zig Zag Principle

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