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Inventors' Panel: Where Successful Ideas Originate

Necessity, we are told, is the mother of invention.  But when Steve Ellenburg and his brother, Mark, first dreamed up the Wrist Rocket slingshot 60 years ago, it was revenge they had on their minds.

Steve, now 71 years old, tells the tale of his journey as a successful inventor on this week's Monday Morning Radio.  Steve will be the keynote speaker on October 6th at the Fourth Annual Mother of Invention Regional Conference in Denver.  

Steve is joined in a quick-paced roundtable discussion by Rita Crompton, founder of the Inventors' Roundtable and the progenitor of five successful businesses; Ian Osborn, inventor and founder, Wild Ideas Light Company; and Homer Hudson Hillis, Jr., co-founder of HHH Enterprises in Abilene, Texas.

Homer is a frequent student at the Wizard Academy and a regular contributor to the weekly Business Unconventional radio newsmagazine, heard in Denver Sunday mornings on 710 KNUS AM radio.

The Monday Morning Radio inventors' panel is led is by fellow Academy faculty member and graduate Dean Rotbart and by David Biondo, a veteran financial planner and successful entrepreneur. Rotbart and Biondo serve as co-hosts of Business Unconventional .

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Monday Morning Radio - Run Time:  22 min  48 sec
Photo (L-R): Ian Osborn, Wild Ideas Light Company; and Steve Ellenburg, President & CEO, DPM Associates, LLC.

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