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Turning Bronze into Gold: Chris L. Tucker and His Allstar Casts

Innovator Chris Tucker had absolutely no experience in the art or sports collectibles worlds.  But he had an idea - to bronze the hands of famous athletes, including John Elway, Todd Helton, Larry Walker, Troy Aikman, Dan Marino,Ted Williams, Ernie Banks, Bob Gibson and Goose Gossage.

Tucker, a "Simultaneous Entrepreneur," teamed with artist Raelee Frazier, who perfected the method of making such life casts.

His company, Allstar Casts, is unique - creating museum-quality bronze life cast hands and selling them to private patrons, galleries, sports arenas and even The Smithsonian.

In this week's fast-paced Monday Morning Radio interview, Tucker traces his entrepreneurial journey and the lessons it offers to anyone who may lack experience, but has plenty of vision and drive. 

Chris is interviewed by Wizard Academy faculty member Dean Rotbart, who along with wealth management expert David Biondo co-hosts the weekly Business Unconventional radio news magazine broadcast on 710 KNUS AM in Denver.

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Monday Morning Radio - Run Time:  20 min  23 sec
Photo:  Chris L. Tucker, Allstar Casts 

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