Monday Morning Radio
On-the-Spot Coverage of The Wizard Academy's Measurement and the Mind, Taught by Mark & Gene Huffman

Wizard Academy grads Homer Hudson Hillis, Jr., Tanya White and Erik Eustice, each of whom attended the recent Measurement and the Mind course taught by brothers Mark and Gene Huffman, provide some on-the-spot feedback on this week's edition of Monday Morning Radio.

Homer, a regular contributor to Dean Rotbart and David Biondo's Business Unconventional broadcast radio show, recruited Tanya and Erik to share their first-hand Wizard Academy insights and impressions. 

All three guests are successful entrepreneurs and/or consultants in their own right.  And if you weren't lucky enough to attend the Huffman brothers' course, this audio is the next best thing.  

Oh yes, you'll also discover why "Let's Make a Deal" Homer always trades for "Door #2."  Hint:  It's the goats.  (Don't ask.  Just listen.) 

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Monday Morning Radio - Run Time: 27 min 10 sec

Photo (Clockwise): Homer Hudson Hillis, Jr.; Homer's Wizard Academy chair; Homer's dream Let's Make A Deal Prize; Measurement and the Mind guests, Erik Eustice and Tanya White

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