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These Franchise Owners Have Got 'The Vibe': It's How They Surpassed Every Other Which Wich Restaurant in the System

Why do some franchise stores succeed while so many others stumble or just get by? For a few powerful insights, look at Which Wich Superior Sandwiches, a nationwide chain of popular restaurants focused on the “wich,” a customizable sandwich available in more than 50 varieties.

On this week's Monday Morning Radio, Jay Goldstein, partner and chief operating officer for 9 Which Wich outlets, including one location that last year out-sold every other restaurant in the chain, offers his exclusive perspective on the secret business ingredients for success. It’s a recipe that other franchise owners can readily follow, regardless of what sort of business they operate.

Also interviewed is James Pa, vice president of operations for the national Which Wich chain.  Pa sums up the reason for Goldstein’s success this way: “If you believe that you’re going to succeed, you’re going to materialize it. It’s going to crystallize. We call that ‘the vibe.’ They’ve got the vibe.”

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Monday Morning Radio Run Time:  15 mins  07 secs
First Broadcast:  March 3, 2013
Photo: Jay Goldstein, Which Wich 

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