Monday Morning Radio
Shatter Buggy Will Speed To Wherever You Are  To Fix Your Shattered iPhone or iPad Glass

When it breaks, fix it immediately.

That is the business strategy behind Benjamin Head’s Shatter Buggy, an iPhone and iPad mobile repair business that uses a fleet of snappy smart cars to draw the public’s attention and make rapid repair calls to your home, your business, coffee shops and even gyms.

Head, a former commercial airline pilot, launched Shatter Buggy in January 2012, realizing that each day, thousands of us -- mere mortals that we are - drop our iDevices or otherwise obliterate our screens and inflict bodily damage on these high-tech marvels.

Apple Inc. expects to sell 200 million iPhones this year, plus another 100 million iPads. Shatter Buggy is counting on the “klutz” in all of us to grow his business nationally.

Benjamin Head, founder of Shatter Buggy, showcases his company on this week’s Monday Morning Radio.

Monday Morning Radio Run Time: 13 mins  48 secs
First Broadcast: February 3, 2013
Photo:  Shatter Buggy "Surfing"