Monday Morning Radio
Dr. Chris Zaino Teaches You How to Adjust the Backbone of Your Business

Southwest Airlines, which prides itself on boarding and deplaning its passengers rapidly and efficiently, is a mere babe compared to Dr. Chris Zaino and his team in The Woodlands, Texas.

Dr. Zaino, a one-time world-class body builder and winner of the Mr. America competition, relies on refined systems and software to treat from 500 to 700 patients each day at his Abundant Life Chiropractic clinic, the largest such practice in the country. 

Even more impressive, Dr. Zaino's patients report an extraordinarily high level of satisfaction with him and the treatments he provides.

There are chiropractors and there are entrepreneurs.  Dr. Zaino is at the top of both classes.  Let Dr. Zaino teach you how to adjust the backbone of your business operations on this week's Monday Morning Radio.

Monday Morning Radio is hosted by Dean Rotbart and David Biondo. 

Monday Morning Radio Run Time: 37 min 04 Secs
Photo: Dr. Chris Zaino, Abundant Life Chiropractic 

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