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Nannyshare USA's Melissa Kaye Snyder Brings the Sharing Economy to Childcare

The so-called sharing economy is growing rapidly in the United States as consumers and business owners recognize the value of sharing everything from private jets and cars to vacation homes.  

Entrepreneur Melissa Kaye Snyder reasoned that such sharing services need not be confined to the rich.  So she launched Nannyshare USA, which pairs families who want in-home daycare with one another and provides them a qualified, carefully screened nanny who they share.  The service has proven particularly popular with small business owners who are seeking an alternative to standard daycare for their children.

Joining Melissa this week on Monday Morning Radio is one of her satisfied clients, Chad Davis, who this month opens his new eXtreme Bodyshaping fitness center in Parker, Colorado. 

Melissa talks about the sharing economy and her conviction that it will continue to represent a larger and larger slice of our economy in the years to come.

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