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9 Traits Peyton Manning Exemplifies That You Can Emulate as the Quarterback of Your Business

Since 1986, Dr. TC North has been coaching small and medium-sized businesses to create high-performing organizations that have extraordinary profitability and that people love to work for.

Dr. North recently joined Business Unconventional and Monday Morning Radio hosts David Biondo and Dean Rotbart for a lively discussion of his column, which appeared in Colorado Biz magazine, highlighting nine entrepreneurial characteristics - exemplified by Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning - that every great small business owner should emmulate.

  1. Be a Visionary Leader
  2. Have a Maniacal Focus
  3. Constantly Communicate
  4. Take Control
  5. Raise All Boats
  6. Pursue Passion
  7. Learn From Failures
  8. Possess Emotional Toughness
  9. Be Coachable

To read Dr. North's full column, click here

Dr. North, is CEO and Founder, of Catalyst High Performance, which is located in the Denver / Boulder corridor.  He is recognized nationally as a high-performance executive coach, speaker, sport psychology consultant, and media personality.

Monday Morning Radio Run Time:  16 min 39 secs
Photo:  Dr. TC North and Peyton Manning 

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