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The 'Godzilla of Personal Growth' - John Lavenia - On How Anyone Can Go From Rags to Riches

John Lavenia has hit deeper bottoms than most people ever do.  Down on his luck, broke, a drug addict, from an abusive home, he turned his life around - both personally and professionally - and has become a much in-demand speaker and trainer, who has taught thousands of others how they can write their own "rags-to-riches" life script.

Lavenia, who dubbs himself "The Godzilla of Personal Growth," is this week's guest on Monday Morning Radio.  He discusses his methods, a blend of Eastern and Western thought, as well as his popular book, "Integrity is Everything."

If you think you face a hard climb to the top, you'll be inspired by what Lavenia has been able to accomplish.

Monday Morning Run Time:  28 min 14 Secs
Photo:  John Lavenia 

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