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Janska Clothing: Beating the Odds and Winning Profits and Acclaim

You're never too old or too inexperienced to succeed in business, if you have a vision and the courage to try.

That's one of the key takeaways from this week's Monday Morning Radio interview with Jan Erickson and Jon Thomas, the husband-and-wife duo who launched Janska Clothing in 2003 - when both of them were already in their 50s.

Since then, Janksa, which specializes in making women's outwear that is both fashionable and comfortable, has beat the odds.  The company will earn nearly $3 million this year and Jan was named a U.S. Small Business Administration "Small Business Person of the Year".

Jan and Jon are interviewed by Wizard Academy faculty member Dean Rotbart.  Dean and wealth management expert David Biondo are co-hosts of the weekly Business Unconventional radio news magazine broadcast on 710 KNUS AM in Denver.

Also participating in this week's interviews is Talya Rotbart, Dean's wife, who also serves as Director of Guest Relations for Business Unconventional.

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Photo:  Talya Rotbart (l) and Jan Erickson

Posted:  June 2, 2014


Monday Morning Run Time: 26 mins 59 secs

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