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Guess Who? He Is Editor of the Largest Personal-Finance Publication

Just over 15 years ago, David Crook founded what has grown into the largest-circulation personal-finance publication in the United States, reaching the homes of 6.6 million subscribers each week.

Guess where David works?  Money magazine?  Kiplinger's Personal Finance?  How about Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Barron's or Consumer Reports?


David Crook is the editor of The Wall Street Journal Sunday, which is distributed weekly in 69 partner newspapers, targeting the Main Street reader - people who have substantial assets in their 401(k)s or IRAs, but don't invest for a living.

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David discusses the unique reach and mission of The Wall Street Journal Sunday in an exclusive audio interview with Dean Rotbart, executive editor of NewsBios and himself a former Journal reporter and columnist.

If you write about personal finance or work in the financial services industry, you need to hear what David has to say.


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Businessing Magazine Covers Topics That Inc. and Entrepreneur Overlook

Matt Smith is a small business owner who didn't think that magazines such as Inc., Entrepreneur, and Fast Company provide enough valuable information to truly small businesses seeking helpful resources.  So Smith, a Southern California web designer, built and launched Businessing Magazine, a digital publication with a special focus on the 75% of American small businesses that don't have any non-family employees.


This week on Monday Morning Radio, Smith discusses the strategy behind his new publication and how other entrepreneurs can also leverage content marketing to generate rapid growth.  

Matt is interviewed by Wizard Academy faculty member Dean Rotbart.  Dean and wealth management expert David Biondo are co-hosts of Business Unconventional. The one-hour radio newsmagazine debuted in October 2011 on News/Talk 710 KNUS AM in Denver.

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Photo: Matt Smith, Businessing Magazine
: October 6, 2014

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