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Ray Kroc & Dave Thomas - Meet Pierre Vandamme & Philippe Wyffels

Did you hear the story about the two guys from Europe who moved to Salt Lake City, bought a street food cart, and began peddling fresh hand-made Belgium waffles and fries?

One day, if Pierre Vandamme and Philippe Wyffels have their way, their tale will the the stuff of legends, much like Ray Kroc and McDonalds, and Dave Thomas and Wendy's.

Pierre and Philippe are the co-founders of Bruges Waffles & Frites, which has grown into a booming four-restaurant chain in Utah, and is now expanding to other states across the Mountain West. Relying on authentic Belgium recipes, Bruges Waffles & Frites draws cult-like crowds of customers clamoring for their fast-casual cuisine.  

This week on Monday Morning Radio, Pierre and Philippe will whet your appetite for their style of cooking up impressive profits - along with the best darn fries this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Pierre and Philippe are interviewed by Wizard Academy faculty member Dean Rotbart, an award-winning journalist and veteran broadcaster. 

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Photos: Pierre Vandamme (R) and Phillipe Wyffels (L)
: June 8, 2015
Monday Morning Run Time: 34 minutes 09 seconds

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