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The Education Engine Can Rev Up Your Reputation

It’s Back-to-School week at Monday Morning Radio.  Only your role is as teacher of your own powerful online course.

Online education is a booming industry and Rich Carr, founder of The Education Engine and a Wizard Academy alumnus, is here to explain how business owners and managers can easily become online professors.  

Whether your students are employees, customers, or paying registrants, The Education Engine makes building an effective online course simple and effective.

Rich and his programmers have designed The Education Engine to be intuitive enough that anyone can design and offer an effective online course, yet sophisticated enough to easily surpass face-to-face workshops, speeches, and Power Point presentations in their impact. Clients of The Education Engine include Fortune 50 companies and small Mom & Pop retailers.

Rich Carr will be one of the guest faculty members at Dean Rotbart's upcoming Mile High Reputation Tool Chest Workshop in Denver on September 3rd and 4th.  For more details or to register, visit: Reinvent your reputation in two extraordinary days.

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