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Janelle and Matt’s Wedding and the Marketing Lessons it Offers

On October 8th, in Ogden, Utah, Janelle Page and Matt Misbach will seal their love by exchanging wedding vows in front of a large gathering of family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Theirs is not only a story of romance, it’s also a valuable lesson in personal branding and video marketing. Divorced and the mother of four, Janelle was having no luck attracting eligible suitors last year when she decided to apply her business experience - using video testimonials to help her clients generate more leads and make more sales - to the dating game.

Her 8 ½ minute autobiographical YouTube video, #ManHunt, spelled out exactly who she is, who she is looking for, and who need not apply. It worked.

Janelle and Matt share their tale this week on Monday Morning Radio with host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart. As Dean points out, mass marketing is great, but sometimes superfluous. “Whether you’re looking for a spouse, an employee, an investor, or a few new clients, laser-targeted marketing might just prove a perfect match for you as well,” Rotbart observes.

Janelle is the CEO of KickFire, based in Kaysville, UT. Her firm specializes in customized, laser-beam focused marketing campaigns.

Photo: Janelle Page of KickFire, and her husband-to-be, Matt Misbach

Posted: September 21, 2015

Monday Morning Run Time: 33 minutes 43 seconds


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