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These Model CEOs Were Genuine "Chief" Executives: The Wisdom of Native American Tribal Managers

Author, entrepreneur, and business coach Barbara Wittmann gives new meaning to the term, “Chief Executive Officer.”

Because the chiefs Barbara models her management advice after are those historic leaders of Native American tribes who led their people drawing upon ancient wisdom and a respect for the natural world.

Barbara, who is based in Munich, Germany, and runs an IT consulting business, is the author of “Meetings in Moccasins,” which is a practical and spirit guide to sustainable business success.

Host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart invite you to join him and Barbara for very special Pow Wow this week on Monday Morning Radio.

Photo: Barbara Wittmann, "Meetings in Moccasins"
Posted: October 12, 2015
Monday Morning Run Time: 32 minutes 45 seconds

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