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You Can Become the CEO of Your Own Health and a Self-Made Wellionaire

We all can’t be rich in life, but by relying on some well-established business protocols, we all can be much healthier than we are today.

That’s the premise behind Jill M. Ginsberg’s new book, “Self-Made Wellionaire,” which draws on her background as an MBA, serial entrepreneur, and former corporate brand manager to show overworked business owners, professionals, and do-it-all working moms how to succeed at health.

Jill, who is based in Seattle, is a much-in-demand health coach and corporate wellness speaker. Jill’s aim is to empower all of us to become the CEOs of our own health – a goal, which she says, can take a few dedicated months, but is far more certain to produce a positive result than most business ventures. 

The irony of Jill’s approach, as she explains to host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart, is that when people become the CEOs of their own health, usually their business performance also shows impressive improvement. 

Photo: Jill Ginsberg, Author
Posted: June 27, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 33 minutes 11 seconds

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