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How to Schedule Your Private Lunch with an Olympian

Reputation coach and Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart recently bought an unusual gift for himself: lunch with Mark Jackson, a three-time Super Bowl wide receiver for the Denver Broncos.

Dean was able to arrange the tête–à–tête through, a new web service and app that offers entrepreneurs and fans hundreds of one-on-one celebrity experiences, including workouts, golf games, concert-going, and private dining.

Steven Ogunro, a one-time investment banker and co-founder of, joins Dean this week on Monday Morning Radio to talk about how small business owners and entrepreneurs can harness to impress customers and prospects, to glean practical lessons from successful athletes and public figures, and to meet some personal heroes.

Photo: Mark Jackson, Celebrity
Posted: August 15, 2016
Monday Morning Run Time: 39 minutes 49 seconds

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