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Azi Hendi and her husband, Dr. Ali Hendi, now in their fourth year of operations, are the founders of Luminora, a stylish clothing line designed to protect women from the sun’s harmful rays.

When they were featured on Monday Morning Radio in August 2018, they were still feeling their way as entrepreneurs, aware of the great potential but also struggling with the realities of being small business owners.

Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart forecast they would be a success, and by all outward appearances, he was correct.

Luminora’s offerings now include resort wear, fashionable activewear, and even matching facemasks.

It’s been bone-chilling cold over the past couple of weeks in most of the country. So Dean thought a reminder that bathing-suit weather and summer are only 119 days away would be in order. Listen in as Azi and Ali shine some light on both their accomplishments and their frustrations as first-time entrepreneurs.

Photo: Azi Hendi, Luminora
Originally Posted: August 13, 2018
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Monday Morning Run Time: 44:56

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