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World Long Drive Champ Ryan Winther and Max Muscle's Mark Sarale Talk Sports Marketing

Sports marketing is huge.  But getting it right is no layup.  

On this week's edition of Monday Morning Radio, we go behind the story of one successful sports marketing partnership, between 2012 RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion Ryan Winther and his earliest and most ardent sponsor, Mark Sarale, a regional director at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition in Northern California.

Early on, Sarale and Max Muscle generously supplied their sports nutrition expertise and powerful proven supplements to Winther, who with their backing rose rapidly to the top of his sport.  "That moment changed my life," Winther says of the first time he walked into one of Sarale's Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Store located in Sacremento.

Three months later, Winther, who once aspired to a career as a professional baseball player, broke the golf ball speed record with a swing that sent the ball rocketing 402 years at 237 miles per hour.

Winther talks about how the lessons of golf success can be applied to the business world.  And, importantly, what other business owners should know before they hook up with an athlete in pursuit of a marketing championship.

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Photo: Ryan Winther, 2012 RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion

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