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This week, our host, Dean Rotbart generated a lot of media attention over the past two weeks, including coverage in The Wall Street Journal, FORTUNE, and on NPR, among more than a dozen other news outlets.

Dean, a faculty member at Wizard Academy who coaches business owners and entrepreneurs on how to attract free publicity, took his own “Reputation Tool Chest” advice to produce an avalanche of coverage for his new book, “September Twelfth: An American Comeback Story.”

Of all his guest appearances on radio shows and podcasts, Dean favored his live Facebook and YouTube conversation with Charlotte Kosa, a West Coast journalist who has been broadcasting for more than 18 years. Listen in, as Charlotte and Dean talk about the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the resiliency of the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters for The Wall Street Journal who covered the unfolding drama even though their own newsroom was destroyed that day and their dedication came close to costing some of the journalists their lives.

NOTE: September Twelfth: An American Comeback Story is now available as an eBook on Amazon. Download your copy today for only $29.95.


You can subscribe to Charlotte Kosa’ popular podcast, California Haunts Radio, here.

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Posted: September 20, 2021
Monday Morning Run Time: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

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On September 11, 2001, The Wall Street Journal's main newsroom, located just across the street from the World Trade Center - was obliterated by falling debris and flaming smoke.  

Ahead of the 20th anniversary of that fateful day, host and award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart has written a richly detailed book revealing the never-before-told story of the traumatized men and women of the Journal and how they overcame their personal anguish and confusion to publish a Pulitzer Prize-winning edition on September 12th.

This week on a special edition of Monday Morning Radio, Dean shares an exclusive audio preview of his book, “September Twelfth: An American Comeback Story,” narrated by him and featuring a small cast of voice actors. 

Dean wrote the book because he believes it reflects the indomitable spirit of America and Americans. The way the Journal and its staff responded on 9/11 offers many lessons for any organization, business, or individual who is confronted with an unexpected, large, setback and can either rebound or quit.

The audio chapter is titled, “I Don’t Want My Life to Be Dust.” It’s guaranteed to leave you with a lump in your throat.

Pre-register to purchase a copy of Dean Rotbart’s new book, “September Twelfth: An American Comeback Story,” and receive a signed, first edition at no additional cost when it’s published in August. 

Where were you on 9/11? Contribute your memories of that day. Entries will be included on the book website and may eventually be used in a dedicated book of recollections.

Photo Collage (Clockwise): “September Twelfth” Cover; Author Dean Rotbart; Interior of The Wall Street Journal on 9/11; and September 12, 2001 front page
Posted: June 28, 2021
Monday Morning Run Time: 31:08

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Matt Murray, editor-in-chief of The Wall Street Journal, describes Joann S. Lublin as relentless, blunt, persistent, honest, collegial, exhaustive, and exhausting.

Joann, arguably the nation’s top authority on careers and management, is the author of the forthcoming book, Power Moms: How Executive Mothers Navigate Work and Life. For the book, she interviewed 86 executive moms and 25 of their grown daughters to document the rapidly changing landscape facing women in the “C-Suite.”

Power Moms, says host and award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart, is not only for women on the rise or already at the top but also for men who still have lots to learn about making parenthood work for all employees.

Photo: Joann S. Lublin, Power Moms
Posted: December 7, 2020
Monday Morning Run Time: 44:51

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The first interview that Kanye West granted after his July 4th announcement that he would run for president was to Randall Lane, editor and chief content officer of Forbes. It was no coincidence that Kayne chose Randall and Forbes.

Randall’s story, posted four days later, quickly attracted more than 3.1 million page views.

These days, is an internet juggernaut, attracting a larger daily U.S. page view count than The New York Times, The Washington Post, or Wikipedia. It is #1 among all business websites when it comes to attracting Gen Z and millennial readers.

In the final installment of his three-part Editors-in-Chief series, host and award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart plumbs Randall’s playbook to discover how Forbes has reinvented itself to serve a 21st-century entrepreneurial audience.

Photo: Randall Lane, Forbes
Posted: November 9, 2020
Monday Morning Run Time: 46:06

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More than 30,000 global makers and innovators registered for the recently concluded Fast Company Innovation Festival, a virtual cornucopia of influential speakers ranging from the CEOs of Verizon and Novartis to celebrities including Robert Downey Jr. and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Credit Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Mehta and her team at Fast Company for attracting a young, progressive, business-centric audience, much like the readers of the 25-year-old trendy magazine.

This week, in Part Two of his Editors-in-Chief series, host and award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart speaks with Stephanie about her career and her magazine’s unique focus on innovation in technology, leadership, and design.

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to attend the Innovation Festival, hearing what Stephanie and Dean have to say might just be the next best thing.

[Did you miss last week’s podcast featuring Adi Ignatius, editor-in-chief of the Harvard Business Review? You can stream or download it here.]

Photo: Stephanie Mehta, Fast Company
Posted: November 2, 2020
Monday Morning Run Time: 1 Hour, 8 Minutes

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Host Dean Rotbart, an award-winning journalist, has been peeling back the curtain of the nation’s most influential business newsrooms for more than two decades. This week he begins a three-part series of oral histories that he’s recently conducted with three powerful editors-in-chief.

Adi Ignatius

His guest this week is Adi Ignatius, who has overseen the influential Harvard Business Review since 2009. Adi shares with Dean HBR’s updated approach to helping owners and managers create healthier, better-run, more successful companies.

Next week, Dean speaks with Fast Company's Stephanie Mehta about her career and her magazine’s focus on innovation in technology, leadership, and design.

In the final episode of the series, Rotbart holds court with Randall Lane, editor and chief content officer at Forbes, which focuses on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.

You won’t earn an MBA after listening to these three influential journalists, but you’ll feel as if you have.

Photo: Adi Ignatius, Harvard Business Review
Posted: October 26, 2020
Monday Morning Run Time: 1 Hour, Three Minutes and 30 Seconds

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U.S.-China trade relations has been bumped off the front pages of American newspapers lately, as the toll of COVID-19 and race-related protests take center stage.

But over the long-term, the U.S.-China trade conflict will have consequences for all American businesses – spreading from the political arena to every nook and cranny of our economy.

Two of the most astute observers of this global financial story are Bob Davis and Lingling Wei, distinguished reporters for The Wall Street Journal. Bob is a Pulitzer Prize-winning senior editor who covers economic issues from the paper’s D.C. bureau.

Lingling, who until earlier this year reported for the Journal from China, is now based in New York, where she continues to focus on the intersection of Chinese politics and the economy.

Together, Bob and Lingling have written a terrific book looking at the roots and the consequences of the U.S.-Chinese trade conflict, titled: “Superpower Showdown: How the Battle Between Trump and Xi Threatens a New Cold War.”  

Published just last week, Superpower Showdown draws on Bob and Lingling’s vast experience covering the topic – having conducted 100s of interviews with government and business officials in both the U.S. and China -- to trace how relations between the two superpowers went sour – and how the prospects for global peace and prosperity are threatened by the current stand-off.

Bob and Lingling have worked together covering U.S./China relations for more than seven years. Having the perspective of both the Americans and the Chinese make their book, Superpower Showdown, especially compelling reading.

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Posted: June 15, 2020
Monday Morning Run Time: 59 minutes 25 seconds

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[Monday Morning Radio listeners are eligible to register for “Understanding TikTok and How It Can Turbocharge Your Sales,” an invitation-only live video conference on June 18th. Sign up here.]

Zero to $1 Billion in a relatively short time is the stuff that entrepreneurial dreams are made of. Yet, a number of recent starts ups have done just that.

In his new book, Billion Dollar Brand Club, veteran journalist Lawrence Ingrassia takes readers behind the scenes to reveal the secret sauce used by Harry’s, Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club, Third Love, and other disruptors to take the express train to the top.

Ingrassia, a highly regarded former senior editor at The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Los Angeles Times, tells host and award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart that every company – regardless of its size or ultimate potential – can glean practical lessons from the entrepreneurs who he profiles in his book.

Will you be the next member of the Billion Dollar Brand club?

To order your copy of “Billion Dollar Brand Club,” click here.

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Posted: June 1, 2020
Monday Morning Run Time: 54:15

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Twenty years ago this month, Henry Dubroff threw caution and reason to the wind and – after quitting his safe job as editor of the Denver Business Journal – headed west to California to launch his own, independent, weekly business newspaper.

Dubroff’s Pacific Coast Business Times defied the long odds, and today, with the largest full-time team devoted to business and financial news on the central coast, serves readers in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo counties, including, of course, Oprah Winfrey, just one of many prominent area residents.

The secret of his survival, and that of all successful entrepreneurs, Dubroff tells host and award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart, is to know the community of customers who you serve and become an integral part of it.

[The conversation with Dubroff is adopted from the Business News Visionary Awards oral history of Dubroff, recognizing him as one of 52 journalists whose foresight and efforts have transformed the journalism profession during the past two decades. For additional information, visit]

Photo: Henry Dubroff, Pacific Coast Business Times
Posted: March 23, 2020
Monday Morning Run Time: 56:59

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Star Wars fans and collectors are legion, but among them “The Force” is undoubtedly strongest with Steve Sansweet, who spent more than 27 years as a reporter and bureau chief with The Wall Street Journal.

Steve is, as certified by Guinness World Records, the owner of the world’s largest private collection of Star Wars memorabilia, and President and CEO of Rancho Obi-Wan, an independent non-profit museum in Petaluma, California that houses part of his cache. (He loans his collection to the museum but continues to own it privately.)

As Steve explains to host and award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart, he began collecting in 1976 as a passion, and in November 2011 “retired” to open and operate the museum. Although Steve doesn’t say so directly, Dean estimates his Star Wars collectibles are worth many millions of dollars, far more than if he had invested his available funds on Wall Street.

Dean’s interview with Steve is an edited excerpt from his extended conversation with the Star Wars memorabilia Jedi that will be available later this year as part of Dean’s “News Luminaries” project, honoring journalists who have had – or are having – exemplary careers. Beginning on Thursday, March 12th, and each week thereafter, Dean will post an oral history with a prominent 21st century journalist.

Stay tuned to Monday Morning Radio for more details on the journalism honors program.

You may also enjoy these past editions of Monday Morning Radio, featuring other successful entrepreneurs and professionals who’ve launched their own amazing non-profit projects:

Photo: Steve Sansweet, Rancho Obi-Wan
Posted: February 10, 2020
Monday Morning Run Time: 43:38


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Last week, more than 45 international companies competed in the annual Global Bottled Water Awards competition, presented in Dubai.

Water is big business, with more people in the U.S. drinking bottled water than soft drinks, and new packaged-water entrants continuing to flood the market.

Duane Stanford, executive editor of Beverage Digest, was one of the judges for this year’s water competition, and he joins host and award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart to talk about the innovators and entrepreneurs who are making a big splash in the water industry, and the rip currents they face.

Photo: Duane Stanford, Beverage Digest
Posted: October 14, 2019
Monday Morning Run Time: 39 minutes and 57 seconds

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On a special edition of Monday Morning Radio, Alan Murray, president and CEO of FORTUNE magazine, shares the business and journalism insights that he’s gleaned during the course of his 40-plus year career.

In particular, Alan talks about how FORTUNE, under his leadership and new ownership, is positioning itself to be the preeminent global business media brand. Take notes. Because the strategy that Alan describes can just as effectively be utilized by any business – large or small – that seeks to propel itself to the forefront of its industry or business niche.

“Business success today has much more to do with inspiration, with being able to give people a purpose and direction, not so much direct orders,” Alan tells host Dean Rotbart, himself an award-winning journalist. “Business leaders have to be able to see into the future and see around corners in ways that it just wasn't nearly as necessary ten years ago.

Today’s FORTUNE, Alan explains, is no longer merely a chronicler of the world’s top companies and executives. Rather, Alan and his team are dedicated to providing their readers and attendees the content and connections they need “to help them drive toward business success.”

“What can we do to make business better?” is the question that Alan says guides FORTUNE’s content and event strategy under his leadership. I want people to look at FORTUNE and say this magazine is going to help me navigate the future.”

Photo: Alan Murray, FORTUNE
Posted: October 7, 2019
Monday Morning Run Time: 41 minutes 52 seconds

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Exposure in Inc. magazine or its annual Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest growing companies assuredly will bolster the reputations and prospects of any small business.  But what kind of stories are the journalists at Inc. interested in – and is there a backdoor shortcut to landing on the Inc. 5000?

Those are just a few of the questions that host and award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart puts to Inc.’s Editor-in-Chief James Ledbetter on this week’s episode of Monday Morning Radio. James is only too happy to provide an up-close look at how Inc. operates, and what type of stories appeal most to editors and readers alike.

Photo: James Ledbetter, Inc.
Posted: September 23, 2019
Monday Morning Run Time: 47 minutes and 35 seconds

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Joanne Lipman has had a storied journalism career, serving as the first woman to become a deputy managing editor at The Wall Street Journal; founding editor-in-chief of Condé Nast’s Portfolio magazine; and most recently as editor-in-chief of USA Today and Chief Content Officer of its parent company, Gannett.

Yet during her 35-plus-year career, Joanne never felt that the professional playing field between her and her male colleagues was level. And, as she found out, millions of women in the American workforce share her on-the-job frustrations.

Rather than berate men, in her bestselling book, That’s What She Said, Joanne aims to help men – especially managers and owners – better understand the obstacles that women face in the workplace and why it’s in everyone’s interest to strive for gender-equal work environments.

When listeners hear the insights that Joanne shares with host Dean Rotbart, the women will applaud her for finally expressing what they’ve been thinking and feeling for years; and the men will wonder how they could possibly have been so tone-deaf to the circumstances of their female coworkers.

Purchase your own copy of That’s What She Said by clicking here.


Photo: Joanne Lipman, Author 
Posted: June 17, 2019
Monday Morning Run Time: 1 hour 4 minutes

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When Dennis Kneale publishes a scoop, smart business people sit up and pay attention.

Dennis’s blue-chip media credentials include influential positions at Fox Business, CNBC, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal.

Writing earlier this month for the prestigious Op-Ed page of The Wall Street Journal, Dennis issued a warning that when it comes to product liability, the nationwide Opioid Crisis could very well dwarf the sum total of all cancer claims against Big Tobacco .

And it’s not just the giant Fortune 500 companies whose behinds are on the line. Even small businesses that simply provide health insurance might be libel if their employees get addicted to Opioids – or worse, overdose on them.

Dennis Kneale joins host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart with a clear message for listeners: If you’re in business and you’re not already closely monitoring the Opioid crisis, you need to be.

Photo: Dennis Kneale, Dennis Kneale Media
Posted: January 15, 2018
Monday Morning Run Time: 23 minutes 23 seconds

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