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For those of us who make our livings relying on effective communications, the correct choice of words is essential.

Dr. Per-Olof Hasselgren, a professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, has studied the relationship between human anatomy and English-language phraseology. It’s extensive.

In his book, “Body Language — From Head to Toe,” Dr. Hasselgren dissects 2,000 idioms, words, and expressions containing body parts.

Host and award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart, who interviewed Dr. Hasselgren in March 2016, says his amusing book is not only eye-opening, it will also give creatives a head start on becoming superior wordsmiths. A Best of Monday Morning Radio encore.

Photo: Dr. Per-Olof Hasselgren, “Body Language — From Head to Toe
Originally Posted: March 27, 2016
Best of Monday Morning Radio Update: May 10, 2021
Monday Morning Run Time: 25:10

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This week host and award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart features a Best of Monday Morning Radio doubleheader dating back to April 2012, when in separate interviews, he spoke with two small business all-stars, Tom Ziglar and Brad Kriser.

Tom, the son of the incomparable Zig Ziglar, discusses his book, Born to Win: Find Your Success Code, co-written with his father just months before the legendary motivational speaker passed at age 86.

Brad was the founder and CEO of Kriser’s, an all-natural pet food and supplies chain that was on the cusp of breakout success. 

Both Tom and Brad share a passion for entrepreneurship and a belief that anyone can join them at the top.

Photos: Brad Kriser (l) and Tom Ziglar
Originally Posted: April 2012
Best of Monday Morning Radio Update: May 3, 2021
Monday Morning Run Time: 29:26

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