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When some of America’s most successful blue chip investors and securities analysts want to increase their exposure on CNBC, Fox Business Network, Bloomberg TV, and other financial broadcast networks, Zach Leibowitz is their go-to PR guru.

Zach is executive vice president and head of broadcast operations at Dukas Linden Public Relations.

In the past year alone, Zach and his colleagues have landed their clients on more than 600 broadcast segments. That’s an incredible track record.

Zach’s proprietary formula for getting TV producers to showcase his clients is applicable to any business seeking visibility, whether it operates on Wall Street or Main Street. This week, Zach gives host Dean Rotbart an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of what makes TV producers say, “Yes.”

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Photo: Zach Leibowitz, Dukas Linden Public Relations
Posted: March 9, 2020
Monday Morning Run Time: 38:28

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Not for the first time, or even the second, or the tenth: Dean Rotbart’s scheduled guest on this week’s edition of Monday Morning Radio was a no-show.

You absentee guests know exactly who you are.  Shame on you!

The good news is that without a guest, Dean is able to reach into his Reputation Tool Chest and share three self-marketing gems for companies and individuals who seek the attention of journalists and other influencers. 

Dean has taught at The Wizard Academy since the early 2000s, first sharing his Newsroom Confidential insights, then Buzz Snatching, and most recently Reputation Tool Chest.  All three workshops have this in common: they defy the conventional wisdom of how influence is created, relying instead on deconstructing real-world success stories.

When they show up, Dean always enjoys interviewing business owners and experts, because he can not only share their wisdom with listeners, he can learn from his guests himself. This week, alas, he can only pass on what he already knows.

Photo: Dean Rotbart, Host, Monday Morning Radio
Posted: January 14, 2019
Monday Morning Run Time: 10:00


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Star-Spangled Reputation: How Janine Stange Became a Reputation Hall of Famer

From the time she was in high school, Janine Stange was touched by our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, and all it represents. So she began singing it, and singing it, and singing it, right into the record books.

Now known as the National Anthem Girl, Janine has performed the Star Spangled Banner publicly thousands of times, in all 50-states, in venues from Madison Square Garden to Arlington National Cemetery, and at untold numbers of major sporting events, festivals, and patriotic celebrations.

In one 24-hour period last August, in fact, Janine performed publicly 24 different times.

For Janine, singing the national anthem is a cause, a passion, and increasingly a business. 

Does patriotism make for a good business platform?  This week on Monday Morning Radio, Janine will address that question, as well as share with host and reputation coach Dean Rotbart what it takes to be a hall of fame-caliber reputation builder.

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The Five Pillars of Reputation Construction: Audacious

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The Education Engine Can Rev Up Your Reputation

It’s Back-to-School week at Monday Morning Radio.  Only your role is as teacher of your own powerful online course.

Online education is a booming industry and Rich Carr, founder of The Education Engine and a Wizard Academy alumnus, is here to explain how business owners and managers can easily become online professors.  

Whether your students are employees, customers, or paying registrants, The Education Engine makes building an effective online course simple and effective.

Rich and his programmers have designed The Education Engine to be intuitive enough that anyone can design and offer an effective online course, yet sophisticated enough to easily surpass face-to-face workshops, speeches, and Power Point presentations in their impact. Clients of The Education Engine include Fortune 50 companies and small Mom & Pop retailers.

Rich Carr will be one of the guest faculty members at Dean Rotbart's upcoming Mile High Reputation Tool Chest Workshop in Denver on September 3rd and 4th.  For more details or to register, visit: Reinvent your reputation in two extraordinary days.

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