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Jen Sincero Went from 'Looserville' to Mayor of 'Awesome City' and She'll Show You How You, Too, Can Become a Badass

Jen Sincero uses foul language and in-your-face candor to get the attention of potential consulting clients and the media.  A one-time, self-described 'big fat looser,' Jen turned her life around and is now traveling the world advising others how to do likewise.

Her latest book, You Are A Badass, builds on her success with two previous books quasi-autobiographical books, "Don't Sleep with Your Drummer," and the bestselling, "The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping with Chicks."  Yes.  You read that correctly.

(We asked Jen the business lessons contained in "The Straight Girls Guide" and she quipped without missing a beat: "That was a different kind of business.") 

Jen is one part-comedian, one part success coach, and two parts Badass.  She is also Dean Rotbart and David Biondo's guest on this week's edition of Monday Morning Radio.

[Jen's childhood friend, Sarah Shaw, aka 'Entreprenette' was the featured guest on Monday Morning Radio on March 25, 2013.  Missed Sarah's segment?  You can hear it here now.]

Monday Morning Radio Run Time: 27 mins 33 secs
Photo: Jen Sincero 

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